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What Is "How To Grow Your Business With Ease!"?
Here's what it's NOT:
It’s NOT about using the next bright shiny button, the next new sales or marketing tactic, like a new social media platform, although this book will ensure you get maximum results from it.
This book is NOT about giving you theories. I’ve read enough business books over the last 20 plus years to know when the author is trying to ‘pull the wool over your eyes’. Everything you read in these pages is therefore proven in the ‘field of battle’. Absolutely nothing is an idea for you to ‘try out’.
This book is NOT about you having to spend a considerable amount to multiply your sales and profits. Much of what I take you through can be done without cost, or on a shoestring.
For Quickly Growing Your Business
In my experience of working with business owners and entrepreneurs, most of them simply don’t understand what makes marketing work and what areas of the business to focus on to bring about growth, more sales and more profit.
That’s your opportunity… no matter how large or small your business is.
In all likelihood, you too have little understanding of what makes marketing work and what elements of your business you should focus on to bring about quick and big increases in sales and profits… and achieve it with very little, if any, extra cost.
That's what this book is all about!